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W4W - Wizard for Web (J2EE) application

W4W stands for Wizard for Web application. After working for about 3 years in software industries as a J2EE based web application developer I came up with this W4W concept. W4W is a Java based code generator engine which generated web application code compliance with spring, Hibernate and Web Work.Now a day’s internet is a robust medium of sharing data between groups of people, organization and even between two applications (SOA, where services are exposed and other application uses them). Many bigger software organizations are involved in development of software applications for different domains. Companies needs skilled developers, time, in-depth knowledge of various framework used for development and a set of process to complete the project in estimated time. Most of the time which we spend on is “doing ground work” before starting the project; we do this just to make sure that we should not fall in to a dead lock situation in further stages of development. When I say ground work i…