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First Prize Winner at AT&T Hackathon and Wonderful Experience

This past weekend I participated in a Tech IoT Hackathon organized by AT&T and IBM at San Francisco and won First Place. It was 2 sleepless days and it got paid off well by winning the competition.
It was 2 day event where participants/teams were expected to preferably stay in facility provided by organizers and code their respective idea. The idea was to use AT&T and IBM platform (e.g. M2X, Watson, Bluemix etc.) along with some IoT/Sensors/Micro Computer Boards (e.g. Raspberry Pi) to solve day-to-day problem.
It was a nice experience and opportunity to interact with lot of talented people around the world. Other teams also came with nice ideas and they also implemented it nicely.
A big thanks to organizers, all participants and everyone who supported this event and shared their ideas during the event, it was very inspiring and more food for thoughts.

More details about event:…