Certification - IBM Bluemix Cloud Platform

Recently I took IBM Bluemix Cloud certification and cleared it. If you have been working on cloud platform, then I would recommend to go for it as it’ll enhance your knowledge. If you know cloud foundry and have done hands on development with it then this certification will be a piece of cake for you because Bluemix is based on cloud foundry.

This certification covers following areas:
·      Hosting Cloud Applications
·      Planning Cloud Applications
·      Designing and develop Cloud Ready Applications
·      Enhancing Cloud Applications using Managed Services
·      Using Data Services
·      Cloud Application Security
·      Using DevOps toolchain to develop and deliver cloud applications
·      Managing a running cloud application

Cloud Platform specially for PaaS offerings is next big thing that developer community is going to fall in love with. I enjoyed doing hands on development on Bluemix and while doing that it helped me a lot in terms of reducing effort for recurring things that I used to do in past (e.g. setting up a tomcat server, database etc.), with Bluemix this was just a click of button. Another big benefit of these cloud platforms is you don’t need to worry of network, DNS etc. and you can expose your application for everyone (in controller way) so that you don’t have keep your servers running.

I started working on IBM Bluemix cloud a few months’ back on a customer project where my team was responsible for developing Node.js based micro service using Loopback and IBM API Connect.

The journey started with figuring out what is the right way of doing it because most of us had no experience of Cloud development. We tried and tested few frameworks and patters to develop a proof of concept in mid 2016. Here are few key highlights:

1)    Leverage Loopback framework (from StrongLoop: https://strongloop.com) to create micro service. It is a Node.js based framework that implicitly have lot of great features for development of REST services
2)    Having knowledge of cloud platform is key and IBM Bluemix has boilerplate for Loopback based project
3)    When we started, we did not have real servers, real data source so, Bluemix helped us to spin new server and write mock data source to continue our development

This year we pretty much close to send our work to production and we all are very excited about it.

So, after spending a good amount of time with Bluemix Cloud platform I thought it is good time to assess knowledge. If you are planning to go for this certification, my recommendation would be to play around with Bluemix for at least a month (you can get a free trail account) and develop some sample applications. This will give you more confidence and at the same time you’ll learn some cool stuff which is real value of certification.

Thanks for reading!


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