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Clientlib: CQ Static Resource Management

In this post I am going to cover a feature that is provided in CQ to manage static resources (js, css, images etc.). For every web application performance is an important factor that we usually ignore at first place and down the line it becomes a bottleneck for us. So, performance can be improved by considering various factors while designing a new application, few of them are listed below:

1) Web page size
A web page is composed of HTML markup, JS files, CSS files and images. We should try to keep page size as low as possible so that page is loaded quickly in browser.

2) Ajax calls v/s full page reload
There are many instances where it’s always better to make an Ajax call to hit the server and update a small area (HTML DOM) of page rather than reloading whole page.

3) Amount of data transfer between server and browser
When we make a call to service on server, the services should only return page/context specific data rather returning whole information/data. We can call server again (…