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Servlet Filter in OSGi enabled web application

Servlet filters are an important component of web application and it can be used in different scenarios, e.g.:

1) Authenticating requests (ServletRequest) before delegating them to your actual business class (Servlet/Controller).
2) Formatting request (ServletRequest) and response data (ServletResponse)
3) Global/Application level Error handling

There are many more uses cases where we can use Servlet filters.
A traditional web application is composed of couple of Business classes & data (model), JSP (views), controllers/servlets and few other resources like css, images etc. All these components are packaged as a WAR file and we deploy it on a web/application server. To add/configure a servlet filter in traditional web application we user web.xml configuration file and tag as:

An OSGi web application is different as compared to traditional web applications. B…