Integration of bug tracking system(Bugzilla) with IDE (Eclipse)

In every project we use some kind of bug tracking softwares (like team track, bugzilla etc.), we are also using one known as bugzilla for our projects. It is always nice to have a feature where developer gets notified whenever a bug or defect is logged against him/her in bug tracking system. Most of the bug tracking softwares sends out e-mail alert to respective developer/tester whenever a bug is logged against them, but is there any other intresting way of doing this? What if you get an alert very simillar to IM in your IDE itself (along with mail) whenever a bug logged against you? ok ok..I'll just ask one last question:

Question) is it this really possible to integrate IDE (I am here talking about only eclipse) with Bug tracking software to get smart alerts?

Answer) Yes it is possible.

There is a ready-made plugin avilable (FREE), which allows to add/track/update/delete bugs/defects kind of functionality from IDE itsefl, we dont need to go through any web URL, bug search etc. This plugin automatically pulls up bugs information/data from defect tracking software's database in to your IDE. We have started using it recently and I thought lets share it with everybody here.

For more information please visit the URL:

Plugin is avilable at : , if somebody is using different version of eclipse then look in to the plugin archive (

I have only taked an example integration of eclipse with Bugzilla, might be this discussion is not much useful for developers working on other technologies, but I am sure they can try and build some integration tool between IDE and bug tracking system.

-- Surya


I was not aware of the integration and I was searching for that. Now I have got what i wanted to know. You have posted really very good information here.
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Bell Brown said…
Having a
Bug defect trackingis enormously valuable in software development, and they are used widely by companies developing software products. And you have give details of the topic very well in this post. The content has provided consequential information thanks for giving out info.

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