J2EE applications using ExyJS and Ajax (DWR)


I just explored ExtJS a javascript component library, I must say this library is really good and I am planning to develop a sample demo application by integrating different framework/libraries so that other users can use it and directly jump using this cool library in their application

I'll be using following frameworks and libraries while building sample demo application which I'll be posting in next few days:
1) Extension JS (ExtJS) - A JavaScript component library
2) DWR - An AJAX library for Java applications.
3) Struts 2
4) Hibernate

I was so exited about this library that I was unable to stop myself writing this post.

So developer friends just wait for couple of days and I'll have Christmas gift for you all ;-)


-- Surya


Anonymous said…
can you write a post on extjs in adobe cq? that would be helpful for beginners like me in adobe cq.

Anonymous said…
can you plz make a post on extjs in adobe cq, that would be helpful for a beginner like me in this technology


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