The "Maven" way of doing Flex

From last few weeks I was evaluating the power of flex as front end for an enterprise level application and so far it looks very promising. Initially when I started working on Flex I noted that it was missing a very important things and that was capability to share projects/modules when bigger team are working on a single project.

I am from Java background and have worked with couple of good frameworks but Maven was common for all of them. For those who have not heard of Maven should explore it. It is nice tool for managing releases of a project and sharing the development versions with other team members on a big project. Already Maven has proved its capabilities for many of us.

Ok, let's come back to the new yummy topic (Flex). For flex development and release management there are very few tools. If you want to do Flex in Maven way then it is worth investing sometime in Flexmojos. Flexmojos is basically another maven plugin which allows us to configure a Flex project, its dependencies and release versions.

In coming few days I'll be trying to post couple of examples about how to use "flexmojos", but in the mean time if you are interested you can read about it here:

You can track latest changes here:


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