ServletRequest - some useful features

We play with ServletRequest object every day but there are few things which we usually don't use.

One of the nice features of Java servlets is that all of this form parsing is handled automatically. You simply call the getParameter method of the HttpServletRequest, supplying the parameter name as an argument. Note that parameter names are case sensitive. You do this exactly the same way when the data is sent via GET as you do when it is sent via POST. The return value is a String corresponding to the uudecoded value of the first occurrence of that parameter name. An empty String is returned if the parameter exists but has no value, and null is returned if there was no such parameter. If the parameter could potentially have more than one value, as in the example above, you should call getParameterValues instead of getParameter. This returns an array of strings. Finally, although in real applications your servlets probably have a specific set of parameter names they are looking for, for debugging purposes it is sometimes useful to get a full list. Use getParameterNames for this, which returns an Enumeration, each entry of which can be cast to a String and used in a getParameter call.

Hope this will help!


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