CQ/AEM Dialog v/s Design Dialog

A component is CQ is a smallest unit that can dropped on a page and content author can fill in any content in it. Content can be of two types:
  1. Page specific (in this case component dialog is used)
  2. Design/Global (in this case design_dialog is used)
The way a dialog or design_dialog is defined is exactly same, there are only two differences:
  1. The obvious difference is in their name i.e. “dialog” and “design_dialog”
  2. The way properties (stored content/values) are access:
  • Retrieve values from dialog (widget) to jsp: String var= properties.get("","");
  • Retrieve values from design_dialog to jsp: String var= currentStyle.get("","");
Content/values stored via get stored at page level under component’s node. On the other hand, content/value stored via a design dialog is store at design path of your teamplate (see cq:designPath property of root node of your application/page), usually this location is under /etc/design/


umasree said…
Could you clarify my doubt .

How to access the design dialog in more than one template?

Alex Irkhin said…
thank you. it helped
Abhishek ranjan said…

I think there would be many ways to acces the design dialog in more that one template.
What i think is:
1.First Identify that your template is refering to which page component.
2.Now to that component and create a dialog/desing dialog.
3.Inherit the property of the other dialog which you want to use in your template through the following.
xtype: cq:include and pathparameter="path of the dialog to be used.infinity.json"

and loie wise you can use your dialog property any where in the template wherever you want.

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